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    test e and deca in same shot?

    ok ive been on test e for a week and some change now and i want to add some deca . Someone told me to mix the two in the same sarenge, and someone else told me to rotate test and deca every three days. what is the right way?

    one more thing..i know about the 3rd or 4th week is when you see the most gains. will adding the deca a week later effect this by making the big gains come sooner or later?

    all help is greatly appriciated

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    For me test e reaches full strength around week 6 and deca around week 8.

    I recommend running test 2 weeks longer than deca and at a higher dose than deca. Also I like to run vit b-6 @ 200mg ED with deca.

    Yes you can mix test e and deca in the same syringe. That's what I'm doing this cycle.

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