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Thread: Winny and SUST

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    Winny and SUST

    Do you guys think that 250 mgs/wk of sust and some winny(except I'm not sure how many mgs are in each tab) a week be enough if I were to run a 10 wk cycle. Any input here. Pretty much I'm asking if you guys have had good gains and results when combining sust and winny.

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    people are gonna tell u sust should be run at 125mg every other day for 12 weeks. i'd go with a long acting ester like test e if this is ur first cycle and run 400-500mg/wk for 10-12 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugbySwoll
    winny(except I'm not sure how many mgs are in each tab)
    Can you post a pic, I could probably tell by looking at it?

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