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    UpJohn Shut Down???

    My source just informed me that most producs from UpJohn that are still circulating are fakes. He claimes that UpJohn closed down and trying to get real Winstrol V is nearly impossible. Furthermore, he claims that all Winstrol products that are labelled V are fake, because V is a trademark of UpJohn. Therefore in his eyes, Stanol-V from Ttokkyo is a sub-division of UpJohn, (which is supposed to be closed), so it must be fake. WTF? Please enlighten me guys.

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    Well, I got news for your dealer. UpJohn Pharmacia is one of the largest pharmacutical(sp?) suppliers on the planet. They are no where near going out of business... If the dude did say that they were "out of business" then that alone makes him a moron, and from then on I would never deal with him again.

    I think what he is really trying to say is that he doesn't have any of the gear you want. He has brand X and thats why he wants to make some BS story to sell it too you.

    I'd find a real source that didn't make up lies to sell his gear.


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    this is from there web site

    Culture clash
    The Pharmacia & Upjohn merger gave both source companies "an even broader international outlook" without "significantly changing how the company treats its workers." However, some employees report that the "culture clash between a Swedish company and a Midwestern company has been difficult to resolve," resulting in "slowing production" and confusion. Employees feel confident, however, that they are "on the right track now."
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    Well let's see their stock is trading at $40.10/share today. Total Pharm/Upj sales last year were $12 billion according the their financial statement. So when did your friend expect they were going to close their doors? He is full of dog poo.

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    I just picked some legit up about a week ago. I believe their good to go.

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