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    Smile AR Members, Post best bulking and cutting cycle you can think or have done..

    I saw a post like this in elitefitness.. But since I like to read the posts and info from the AR board... I wanna read the AR members answers to what best bulkning and cutting cycle can you think of or used.... Please be realistic... Please do not post anything that can kill an elephant or post anything that only bill gates can afford ... I would like to see the cycles you would take or have taken that gave you great results...

    AR members, I look forward to reading your answer....

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    Bulking stuff like the following have been done:

    2000mg sus per week
    100mg a50 ED
    100 mg d-ball ED
    600mg Deca per week
    150mg of Fina EOD
    Drop orals after 1 month, 15ius of Slin AM, and 8ius noon and supper time.
    50mcgs t3ED.
    have also run things like:

    2000mg test
    1000mg deca
    100mg Winny ED

    Bulking is more a matter of diet than drugs same for cutting, last cutting cycle for show was following:

    1000mg prop. per week
    Cutting Fuel(some guys may know this stuff) 50mg winny/100mg of Masteron base, from guess who, shots hurt like a MF
    75mg fina EOD
    700mg of Primo per week last 7 weeks
    last 3 weeks 40mg day halo, 20mg day of Anavar , cutt test last week.
    1mg day of Amerdrix
    20mg day of Nova.
    worked up to 200mcgs of t3
    300mgs of Clen ED.

    That's about it. I always run 1000mg of test as base, and add stuff in and out asavailable.

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    wow. 2000mg/sus perweek with 600mg/wk of deca . who wants titties? if you play with that much, make sure you have your nolv ready and think about throwing in some winny to help with the deca gyno.

    that would get you huge though. no matter how you break up that sus though, your ass is gonna be killing you

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    Look at the members cycle results forum , you may get a few ideas there

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    Look in the cycle for under my post....i think i got a bulk with a bridge then another bulk cycle then a bridge then a cutting cycle while getting ready for a show im going to do.

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    Use both without question. No gyno so far. Yes shots are pain in the ass..LOL, I use shoulders/legs/ass, always 3cc per shot, and depending on cycle sometimes daily injections. No big deal. When cutting i site inject arms.

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