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Thread: Post cycle

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    Post cycle

    If this is answered in another thread point to it, and if not....

    What would you do?

    Hypothetical cycle of Sust 250-500per week, Deca 400 per week and D-bol 5 tabs day for 6 weeks. Come off cycle and then what.

    When to start HCG , clomid and anything else to maximize potential of keeping gains.

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    Well thanks for asking

    I have completed that very cycle and waiting 10 days (3 missed injections) to start Clomid, 300mg day 1 100mg for ten days 50mg ten days. Clen two weeks on/off and some creatine. Lost 4LBS so far in four weeks, since last injection. no HCG don't think it is required IMO.

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