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Thread: recent surgery

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    recent surgery

    I'm trying to get back into playin hockey full swing again. i currently just underwent my second surgery in two years. The first time i tore both my medial and lateral minicus. I was out almost 7 months. After i was able to come back i tore my labrum in my left shoulder. It should only keep me out a month but i was wondering how i could speed up the process. i took a cycle of winny after my knee that worked very well. any sugestions would be appreciated.

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    dont use winny that will make it worse it drys your joints . your best off resting and slowly repairing yourself light training , protein ,carb s take glucosamine sulfate to help with cartlidge and joints. aas are used for bodybuilders not hockey players who wants their jointys to get better and not considerin g the side effects of hpta shutdown, gyno and muscle loss. if anything deca will help lube the joints and is the best you will find as in aas use it wont would repair but help lube the joints while using it, but needs to be run with test .

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