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    Primo depot and my hair

    Just thought id share

    700 within 2.5 ish weeks and slight prostate problems, will pick up some sp tomorrow and my hair is falling out, I think I will end this cycle shortly.

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    Just do like I did. Shave it Bro. Don't fight it. I was kinda worried about how I'd look at first. As soon as I did it I got a ton of complaments. All the chicks dig it. Of course you gotta have the head for it.

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    I recently began a cycle that includes primo and my GOD, I can't decide wich is better looking my body or my hair. There has got to be a way to stop it from falling out like this. Has anyone got any info on hair loss treatments.......

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    hey guys,I totally know what you mean.what I did to save mine was take some propecia with my cycle.some people wouldnt look great with a shaved myself.I have long hair(way past the middle of my back)and wouldnt,for a minute think of shaving it.I did experience a slight thinning effect,especially after doing the stronger stuff like dbol ,anadrol and sust.,but after I started taking the propecia,no problems whatsoever!!not a strand!!! so yeah,it'll cost you a little more,but its worth it if you're not down for going bald...think about it....

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