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    Question Prima s & Eq help please...

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly thank you for a great site, for a novice like myself the information has helped dramatically.

    I'm 29,6.1", 180, 15%bf, training eating well for 3 years. natural gains now slow, thus first shot at some'gear'.

    The objective is not over the top, but more a low qualitive gain which will last with low side effects (usual novice BS!),

    From the profile recommendation and boards my decision is:

    Prima s - 4 x 50mg orals ED, over 10 weeks,
    and Equipoise - 2 x 150mg depot week over 8 weeks,
    Clomid post course as recommended,

    Is it necessary for prov or nolv...?

    I want to steer clear of test and high side effects,

    Can anybody comment on the above ?

    I don't expect massive gains, just quality,

    Thanks again.

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    Run the eq for 10 weeks, ALWAYS have nolva on hand just in case. No need for proviron .

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