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    i see a lot of info about sus 250 on here but what about ara test it is also a blend of fast acting and long lasting test . and it is a lot cheaper . is it as effective ? also one more question . what should i say to the doctor to get my liver and t levels checked . one time i told my doctor that i was starting to take andro and i think she actually got mad at me . not that i care but she didnt offer any advice or help at all .

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    Find a new doctor that is cool... there out there. Mine is.

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    aratest is 200mg enth/50mg Prop

    i hear its good stuff but have never tried it myself

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    I tryed it before and was kinda impressed fort mexican gear...altho i think i took 2 cc 2 times a week cause mexican gear never has the amount as it says...

    o ya all my bottle of it had from 8.5-9 cc not 10 like it should have

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    I just finished taking aratest. it worked pretty good. i made solid gains off of it. liked it better than just enanthate but not as good as cyp. i think my bottle may have been underfilled too. also aratest 250 and 500 are just prop and 2500 is prop and enanthate.

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    as far as liver enzymes

    you could say that you have been takign alot of prescription medicine(which may ber hard to say since your DR would be the one who would have had to prescibe it to you) or you could claim to be a heavy drinker(again not somethign pleasant to say)and that you were having some pain.tell them that you know of others who have had them checked and found elevated personally, my doctor is great and he knows my use of anabolics and is willign to test's hard to say, if you have a decent doctor and INSURANCE(thats' the key in this day and age sadly), they will probably do it.unless you can pay for teh test if you don't have insurance.all insurance means today is that if you will be on a matress in a hospital.wo/ it someone will find you in your home a week later and say,"what happened to him?".haha

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    If you are going to do ARA TEST buy the Enanthate and Prop seperately! This will allow you to regulate the dosage better and is also cheaper!

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    I agree but its better than sust IMO, if you can find it and probably cheaper - tho I can get omna pretty darn cheap.

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    my upcoming cycle has ara-test. and yes it is pretty cheap.

    80 bucks for a 10ml bottle.

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