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    Cool Those of you wondering about D-bol

    D-bol is nothing more than for building mass. My experience has shown that as long as your using other gear w/ D-bol your results are good. water retention can be limited to a certain degree by taking nolvadex & or proviron . It is also important to note that D-bol ( if injected ) dosages can be reduced by 40%.
    Eat alot of Protein and senseable meals & get alot of rest. And for goodness sake........BE PATIENT, IT WILL COME...Peace

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    the only injectable for m of dbol i know is ref-b and as far as i know its well underdosed so the dosages should be upped by about that %


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1''pecker View Post
    dbol for life man
    What's with the thread bumps?

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    Do you find amusement in being the forum douche?^

    OP: well said, thanks for sharing your experience and insight with the forum bud.

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