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    How to combined Primtest and others

    Firts id liek to start off with saying im quite advanced.. So i dont need any beginner advices...


    I am able to get my hands on Primoteston, i know the half life of this should be about 7 days. They come in 250mg / amp. I suppose they are the same as test enhanthe Right?

    I am also about to buy Sustanon or Omnadren and Pink Thais.

    Pink thais i know that ill use the first 2-3 weeks of 50-60mg each day.

    But then i have problems thinking

    With only Susta id frontload week one to get starting .. probably 2000-2500mg divided per day 7 days first week. Then id drop to about 1500mg divided on 2-3 shots a week,

    But now when ill combine ith primotest i dunno.

    I was thinking about using 1000mg Primotest first week, together with 500mg Sustanon and 200 Mg propionate every second day first week.

    the same week two except id take away the propionate.

    Then week three and 4 i was thinking about dropping the doses of primotest to 500mg and up the sust to about 1000-1500mg..

    Dunno if im thinking correct.. am i?

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    I would try to run one test at a time bro. I would run the sust/omna for the first 5 or 6 weeks..... then run the enanthate .I have personally found better, and more sustained results by running one (long acting) test product, then switching to a different test after a month (2 months if you are on full time). Seems to keep the receptors "open minded" lol.
    My 2 cents.

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    Mike Guest
    Please explain to me why you would benefit from front loading 2500mgs of sus

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    I agree why front load?

    I do think injects should be spread out evenly though ie daily or eod injects to take full advantage of the short acting esters in it.

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    Front Loading


    Ill try

    I have done 3 cycles so far this year. Everyone of 4-5 weeks. They have looked like the following:

    16 thais a day + 1500mg sustanon each week.

    After week 3 ive stoped dbol .

    This time i cannot get hold of many thais at all, and only a small amount of propionate .

    So i thought id use the Phenylprop and TestProp from the susta to get a higher amount of testosterone in the system right away, just like youd get from topping with Dbol at start.

    Thats basically why.. Just to push the levels up directly.. And not let the levels slowly go up. I believe in bombing.

    Do you see something wrong in my thinking? In that case id really like to hear since you seem to have more experience.. i weigh about 230 pounds...maybe 240.. atleast 113kg. ( cant calculate kg to pounds ). Maybe with 15% bf.

    How would you do with the primtest?

    And a question.. Ive only used prop and susta/omna.. If id take 250mg omna i know the esters fall out in different times.. does that make primteston a better steroid ? ( i know test is test mg to mg and only the half lives are different ) but i hope you kind of understand what i mean.. Can i expect more from doing 1000mg primotest in 8 weeks. than 1000mg susta/omna in 8 weeks?

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