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Thread: anavar?

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    i'm new to steroid taking and have been researching it for a while on the net,i've decided that though expensive anavar seems to be the best choice for me at the moment.
    i weigh 210 pds at a height of 6'3 with bf of 13% and have been lifting for the past 8 yrs....i am a student 22 yrs old...
    i plan to go on an anavar only cycle for 16 weeks at a dosage of
    40 mg per day. i take in about 5000 cal per day.a boxer.

    my aim is to make substantial increases in strength along with some small bit of size.
    The most important thing to me though is that i keep most of the gains i make while on the gear once i come off it.

    if anyone could give me any advice i would
    really really appreciate it.thanx.

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    Well, being a boxer I would say that anavar is a good choice. Not only will it give good strength and some size, it'll help take fat of the abdominal area. I wouldn't run it for 16 weeks as I wouldn't do that with any oral steroid . MAybe you could consider throwing in some primo to even the cycle out. That won't make you blow up but will give some solid strength and a little size. Good luck.

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