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Thread: cycle thoughts

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    cycle thoughts

    hey this is a cutting cycle im planning. Its not much AT ALL but its what I have to work with for the time being.

    Im going to do a short 25 day cycle of T3. I have a 20cc bottle of winnie SOOOOO i was thinking that Ill run them together and take the wintrol 50mg a day like suggested. Ill also take milk thistle and probably nolvadex while on it only because im pre-dispostioned for gyno (wanna be safe). Clen ill be taking simultaneously so it will look like this

    week 1 start clen
    week2 clen+t3+50mg win ed
    week3 t3+winnie
    week 4 t3+winne
    week 5 clen+t3+winnie
    week 6 clen
    ill keep cycling clen for 2 more weeks

    last thing what is a good dose for nolv. just for protection

    what do you think
    thanks ALOT

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    Hit 100 mg of winnie ed and get some equip also dont waste your money on nolv if you dont need it put the money towards more gear.

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