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    Unhappy Wanted:cycle Help

    Alright so i'm going to start my cycle and i need some help on dosages and what you think of this stack-

    ------==== IM LOOKING FOR STRICTLY MASS====--------

    7-8% body fat

    Ok so with those stats these are the drugs that i have avalible:

    Dianbol, Andriol , Winstrol , and maybe some Clen .

    so i did some searching and was thinking that i should go on Dianbol and Andriol for 8-9 weeks with some Winstrol for 11 weeks and then finish off with some Clen. for the last 2 weeks of Winstrol and 2 more after the Winstrol.

    What do you guys think? Is this a good mass stack/cycle and how bad of side-effect on the liver are these products. Thanx alot.

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    your source is like a god damn pharmacy!!!haha.i would fins another source and be able to exlpoit your options but a deca winny cycle isn't bad for a first timer.would throw teh dbol in too though.IMO

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    Mass? throw the winnie in the toilet. If you dont care about side effects run this cycle
    1000mg per week of test
    100mg of anadrol per day
    50mg of dbal per day for the first five weeks

    Call ahead of time to get a extra large Coffin

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