30 shots Sustanon 250 (Pakistan)
220 D-Bols (bionabols)
10 shots of deca 200 (Norma Greek)

This is all I have money for right now. I would love to run the deca at 400 but it's to much doe right now. My question is do you guys think this will add some decent size. This is my second true cycle. I am 5'9 and about 184ish. Any comments will be greatly appriciated. But seriously this is all I have money for until school starts up. I think I would be alright but I would like some more input thanx

I plan on doing it like this:


D-Bol 30/40 ed 4 weeks

Deca-200/week or every five days

Sus and Deca 10 weeks
thank you Lil Mack