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    Has anyone ever gotten the same color FINA?

    Out of 2 or more batches? I have 2 that are different. 1st one is a tad cloudy, but piss yellow. The 2nd is a tad cloudy, but more of an amberish color.

    Both done the exact same way.

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    I've always had mine turn out a bit different...The batch I just made was a little bit reddish in color...

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    The color depends on how much heat and how often you heat it up during the conversion process. No heat at all and you get like a lemmon amber color. I heat mine during the whole process now and I get a dark amber, almost brown look to it.
    But it's still clear.

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    I always end up with the same color . I don't heat mine though , maybe that's why they come out the same. Look like apple juice.

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