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    Winstol Questions

    Hey Guys,

    I gotta a few questions about Winstrol . I recieved 50 tabs of Winstrol and they are 50 mg a piece. How should I take these in order to keep a 5-6 week cycle. I am 19 years old and looking to gain a few solid pounds, is this this route I should take? This will be my first experience with steroids . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    At 19, you really don't need steriods .

    50 mg everyday for 7 weeks... take 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. You need clomid for post cycle. Also, take 1000 mg of ALA or milk thistle everyday too.

    You won't get that much of winnie alone.

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    Well bro i must say that i prefer to inject Winny since you get better absorbtion, but will work with what you got. Either do 50mg/day split the tabs into 2-3 servings, which will be difficult to do 3. This will result to a 7weekcycle. This is what i would do. Take 75mg/day which will last you 33days. You will do 1.5tabs/day spread it out to 3-4 servings

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    take 50mg a day for 6 weeks.

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    buy more gear

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    I was wondering the same thing Z. I have 50 50mgs as well. Ithink I am going to go 2wks @ 50 ed, 2wks @ 75ed, 2wks @ 50ed.

    Any feed back is cool but that is what I am planning. I am also running EQ @ 400/wk for 10 weeks. I plan on starting winny wk 8 through 13 then clomid therapy.

    just my .02

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