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    Taurine while cycling clen..

    I've read that taking 3-5 mgs Taurine while taking Clen . helps with the "rebound" and cramps but I'm not sure what Taurine is I know it has something to do with the liver but how to aquire OTC or through your Clen source? I'm 6'2 190lbs Iv'e lost about 20lbs in the past couple months with diet,cardio using a ephedrine supplement. My goal is to lose a few more pounds and cut up some I plan on cycling clen for 8 weeks (2 on 2 on eca stack). I just want to make sure I have everything right before i start. Also I will be taking Spiropent brand and im not sure how much or if any keto is included in this brand, i've read that this will make you hungry and tired and those are two things I dont want to be.

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    you can get it at a suppliment store. take it with your creatine

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    Only brand with keto... is *P , which I'm currently taking, and he no longer makes it. He sells keto... separately though. I like it, even though it makes me a looney bird, cause the keto... keeps your receptors clear so you don't have to cycle off it.

    Animal suggested 6-12g of Taurine for cramps, divided up daily.


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    drink tons of Red Bull


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