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    A Few Qustions About Propinate

    Ok, I have been running Propinate at 100mg/eod for two weeks now. Today is day one of week three. I have not realy felt the effects of the steroid yet, I dont even notice any strength results in the gym or anything. Do the androgens jsut need a little more time to build up?

    Another question: I have been doing bicep injections, have done each bicep twice so far. My biceps just get soft a few days after injections, while my other muscles such as chest and lats are getting harder. Do spot injections also take a little time to see and feel results?

    Thanks guyz, peace


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    100mg eod sucks bro, I get better results at 50mg ed than 200mg eod. The sites should get some swelling, shouldn't soften up either, what kind of prop are you running?

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