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    Anabolic Bloat Cures..needed

    35mg DBol wks 1-4
    500mg Sustanon wks 1-10
    300mg Deca wks 1-10
    Arimidex .25mg ED wks 1-10
    Clen wks 10-18 (2 week cycles)
    Clomid wks 14-
    Nolv on hand

    Now, im hoping the nolvadex will keep the bloat down, its important to me for two reasons, one I dont want to draw unneeded attention at work, and two I heard the water retention associated with being bloated is the key in the High BP most people see. I really want to keep both bloat and BP low.
    What else can I take? And is .25mg ED Arimedex enough?

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    rule is .25mg ED for every 250mg of Test/week. So id but up the arimidex to at least .5mg ED. Also arimidex wil help you keep your gains post-cycle, so run it through the end of your clomid therapy.

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    they may not notice your bloat at work but they're going to notice that you're going to be huge!!

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    Cool .

    Thats ok as long as I dont have the "Im having male PMS" or "I'm retaining 30 lbs of water in my upper body" look going on.
    Anything else besides arimidex I can take? I want to keep BP down too, so i will take garlic supplements as well.
    thanks all

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