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    Thank you

    I do not know where to begin, but feel that I need to write this. My best friend since childhood is shredz who is on this board. He had introduced me to this forum and I would periodically look through it. At first I thought that this forum was a waste of time. I began, for god only knows why reading every post. I could not believe just how much information was being processed here on a daily basis, and the thing that blew me away the most was the way that everyone complements peoples progress.
    I dont know why exactly Im writing this, however I feel my first post should explain a little about me. I am 5'10" and I would suggest over weight. Approximately 2 weeks ago, after reading and reading on this forum, I became inspired by shredz, my best friend and the way that he has dedicated his life to body building.
    I decided that I would weigh myself and begin my LIFE STYLE CHANGE. I weighed in at 210lbs, I would say mostly body fat, fitting in to my 38" work pants snug.
    Shredz put me on a diet, and diet I have begun. I have lost 12lbs in the last two weeks, my old 36" pants are fitting loser and I feel great. I eat a great diet, and have begun crazy amounts of cardio as well as weight trainning.
    I guess the real reason I am writing this is because I just came from the gym. My hole life, I never thought that I would get vains in my forearms. (to me that is the greatest look), however when I was doing my workout, I noticed vains beginning to bulge on my forearms. Today was the first day that I actually felt that I was bettering myself.
    I know this is my first reply, and I hope that I dont upset anyone, but I just wanted to thank all of you. I know you dont know me, however reading your posts over the last few months, I feel that I am learning bits and pieces about each of you. Thanks Sredz for being my best friend and helping me transform my lifestyle into a healthy beginning.
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    Welcome to AR!!

    Its strange huh? i am the same way, its my start page and i check it all the time.

    Feel free to always ask questions, no matter what anyone says, thats how you learn and anything i personally can do to help you out i will.

    I know my bro's and sis's will feel the same.

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    ....the good bros here know alot.....and i've learned alot to just by reading vets replys.....anyways welcome aboard!!

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    bro ,give it sometime ,proper knowledge and training and youl be good in no time .this board is awesome and yes there is alot of info in here ,alot.and the fact that noone really flame anyone and people back people up or motivate them is great.

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    Welcome aboard. Shredz.. you know Shredz! Lucky you! He seems like a terrific person with alot of inspiration. It looks like you are on you way to a whole new life. Keep up the motivation, and if you need any help, never hesitate to ask...

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    Welcome to AR. Congrats on the progress.

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    The Rink!!

    Thumbs up BOSCO MY MAN!!!

    Well I am sure you knew that I would find this. I have been checking up on you now and then waiting for your first post. Well like you said we have been best of friends for many many years now...and you have went through the workout faze many times. But I must say this time it is different, very different. You have made such a drastic change in only a couple of weeks. I and many others have seen it already.

    Guys this man has want many people strive for, Drive, dedication, and focus. If he wants something he will get it. And Bosco you know what you want. So use those qualities that you pocess to get to your goal. You and I both know you can do it. In only 2 weeks you have gone so far as to change your whole lifestyle. There is no turnomg back now. And I will have you know this is only the beginning!!

    I am glad to see that you are here on this website. There are so many people that will go out of there way to help you out. Utilize this place. You can learn more then you can ever imagine.

    So keep eating right, and working hard and the results will just keep coming. And remember if you need anything and I mean anything..just ask.

    Welcome to AR BRO!!!!!!

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    Welcome to AR, bro! This place is the best!!!

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    Welcome to AR...


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    Your new addiction and lifestyle starts in the gym and continues here.
    Welcome to the board and feel at home

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    Welcome aboard!! I'm glad to hear that you are all about bettering yourself. It feels good when you see a change huh?

    Keep up the good work and update us on your progress.

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    Welcome to AR brother. Shredz is one of my better buds here and he knows his shit..especially about cutting up! (but I'm sure you already know that ). Don't hesitate to ask anything that's on your mind bro (except where to buy gear ) you will always get an answer.

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