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    reversal of deca dick;how long can it last?

    a year ago i did a cycle of 500mgs a week of deca , after the forth week my stash was found by my parents and they got rid of it. after about 2mnths i started getting weak erections i figuered i would wait for my body to adjust and things will go back to normal. its been a year now and my erections are only at about 75% and it doesnt stay up for very long. im only 23 can someone please tell how to get my self back to normal, i dont give a fuck about being big i just wanna be functional.

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    yeah i am with johan definately go to the doc and get it checked

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    doc for sure, good luck!

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    you could and should go to the doc... but i would also say to try taking a few clomids... maybe like 30 just to see if it does anything. nandrolone deconate lasts longer in the system than any other steroidial substance, usually a year of more, so your problem may not be such a problem, see the doc and just give it a little more time.

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