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    Unhappy getting worried

    Hey guys.....Looking for some answers here. Just finshed my first cycle ever. I did Trenbolone for a period of 8 weeks. It was a tren only cycle. I had fantastic gains of 15lbs of muscle and a decrease in body fat. I have been off for close to two weeks now, and i have lost 5 pounds. Will i lose all my gains? Right now I'm on Clomid therapy, loading creatine, take Tribulus Terrestris, still deligent with my diet and training. Actually my strength still has not gone down. But must I face the facts that all gains will be lost? comes the depression.

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    Just stick to your guns right now and keep a positive outlook. It's natural to lose a little bit of your gains even with clomid so don't worry 'bout that. Keep busting your ass in the gym and with the diet, I'm sure 5lbs. is all you'll lose. Keep your head up.

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    Those losses aren't too bad bro. A few pounds of that is probably water. You aren't cutting are you? You may need to eat more. If you are eating the same as befor the cycle then you aren't eating enough most likely to keep the added muscle. You should need a tleast another 500kcal IMO.

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    You have to eat for what extra weight you have gained - otherwise there is no point cycling

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