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    severe quad pain

    i took one shot of 250mg sus into my quad 2 days ago, no i can barely walk. i am new to the board and would apprecite any new advice. the pain is like severe muscle soreness but i dont see any swelling, should i be worried and how long till i better. post thread please.

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    I have experienced pain in the past, but very bareable. I just wrote a thread on my first thigh shot of the summer because literally I feel nothing 5 hours later. The pain can either come from a shot placed in an awkward angle, booted the sus to fast into the muscle, or your body may react differently to this type of drug. Hope this may help. Your problem is common within users though.
    Lil Mack

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    its normal my quads felt like someone punched me in them for about 2 days after...but after that it is all good and u should get used to it after a few shots....

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