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    HELL - I got the last col

    Talking The Cycle and Diet, Break it appart and lets hear some oppinions

    HEY HEY HEY!!!!

    Cycle is going to be my first, looks like i'll come in @ 185-180 and around 10% bf, maybe a lil' lower.

    Cycle is going to be bulking, starting August 1st...

    Brovel t200 @ 500mg Wk 1-12
    EQ @ 400mg Wk 2-12 ( so I can run it completely to the end)
    Dbol @ .35mg ED

    DIET is going to be ridiculous
    Protien in the range of 350g a day
    I'm planning on taking the ABB XXL weight gainer drinks because of the 300 carbs and only 50g sugar, not to mention the 50 g of protein doesnt hurt

    12 eggs

    weight gainer drink
    whole potato

    whole wheat pasta
    hamburger in the sauce
    steamed veggies
    whole wheat bread


    chicken breast or tuna steak
    (need something else and i dont know what to add)

    weight gainer

    in general i'm still playing with the diet since i do not like oatmeal and a few other food items.

    i'm going to try for at least 4000 - 4500 cal's a day
    350-400g protien a bunch
    fat - pretty low if i'm lucky!

    as you can tell i'm working with the diet to make it cooperate, I want to eat as "clean" as possible on this cycle so that my gains are all worth it and not just that sugar "gut" which I've had before.

    I gain weight pretty easily typically so I feel in all honesty that if i start the cycle at 180-185 it should not be a proble for me to get in the range of 220-225 by the end of the 12 weeks. with that being said I will hope to keep 75% of my gains putting me post cycle around...207-213. Not bad for starting around the 180 range.

    any help is appreciated with the diet, but like i said i'm still researching.

    I would love to hear from anyone who's done a similar cycle espeacially since i hear the EQ makes you hungry as HELL!!

    Thanx again


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    hey brother ,the cycle looks good your gonna blow the fuck up!i guarantee you,210 here i come!!!!!!!good luck

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    I have to echo Diesel's thoughts.

    Please say you are not running the dbol for 12 weeks. Run it weeks 1-5.
    I like that you are putting so much planning into your diet. Diet is what will make or break the cycle. You gotta eat big to be big!

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    HELL - I got the last col
    um OOOOPS, i forgot to put the time for the dbol no no never would even consider dbol for 12 weeks. it's weeks 1-4.

    thanx for your concern about the accident, all is feeling much better and i'm planning on being a freak this winter.

    I understand about the complex carbs first thing in the morning, i'm just trying to find a viable substitute for oatmeal, hell if it comes down to it i think i may try it with apple cinnamon flavoring, i hear it is good and then put some honey on top.....

    Thanx again!

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