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Thread: info on deca

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    info on deca

    i stared my first cycle about 3 weeks ago

    ** deca : 600 mg/ml per week (i combine deca and sus for two shots twice a week)
    ** sus: 600 mg/ml per week
    dbol :8 pills a day for four weeks i still have one week left of dbol

    i only have ten mils of deca and sus enough for five weeks
    ill be getting another 10 mil ** of each to go for ten weeks

    my question is: will a have any problems with deca if a take it for 10 weeks at 600 mil per week?
    if that happens, what can i get to pervent site effects from progesterone since novaldex wont help me( i have dolva, and clomid on hand)

    more info about me:
    was 150 lbs before dbol now 164lbs
    26 years old
    2 years training


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    Hi, Razorsharp

    I would just like to say that you are brave.
    The reason why I say this is because I will be starting my first cycle
    In july using Sus@250mg/w Deca @200mg/w, I just don't know how you guys can take such high dosages on your first cycle and not knowing how your body will react to the AS.
    Well I wish you all the best of luck, sorry I can't give you any advice on your question i don't have yet any experience with Deca.

    p.s Hope you post some Pics when your finnished with your cycle.


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    i agree with morph,600 mg deca is a little excessive for your first round.
    prog sides are rare(to me and alot of others),but 600 mg without testing the waters could be chancy!
    why not drop it down to 450 mg wk(or even 300 mg wk,1/2 CC 2 X WK)
    you could still mix 3/4 cc deca and 1 cc test ,2xwk.
    600 mg test is alot for a first timer too ,but that can be controlled with noveldex.

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    sounds like a plan IMO. BTW to my understanding their is not a anti progesterone, only thing out is like RU486 maybe. IMO

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    androplex, I read that Vitex and Bromocriptine are used as anti-estrogens for Deca .

    I just started first cycle this week. Deca 300mg/Test200 300mg/wk. I thought I was okay with Novaldex but from reading more - it doesn't help with Deca. You can get Vitex at the health food store. I'm still reading about these two and would suggest the same.


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    Ok, good to know this. BTW

    Vitex and Bromocriptine are used as anti-estrogens for Deca.
    Deca also breaks down to progesterone too. so anti-estrogens will not help with the progesterone.

    Are you reading about this on the internet? If so where I would like to read about it too.

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    try this web site have a read see what u can make out of it!!!!!!

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