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    My father was asking me for something he can take for energy. I let him take some clen , but after 2-3 weeks stopped feeling the effects. Anything anyone else can think of off the top of their heads that he can take, thats safe?

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    ginsing,coffee,caffine tabs.
    how old is your father,is he battling a wieght problem?
    and dose he have any health issues?
    in he doing any type of weight training,or cardio?
    or is he just sitting on the sofa saying i nedd more energy,im tired?

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    Have his doctor check his testosterone levels . Is he getting enough sleep and exercise?

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    His igf-1 levels might be low too. Get them check too. As we guys age our igf-1 levles drop and if you keep the level up you are not as tired. The testosterone is also a good idea posted here too. Could also be other things so a check up is in store it sounds like. IMO

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