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    MY Cycle

    Whats up fellas? This is the cycle am am planning.
    10 week cycle. It's a mild cycle but I don't want to over do it. I guess you can say this is my first cycle because the only other thing ive done was test only. Looking for some size and strength. I'm 27 years old. 6'2" and 210lbs. Here we go
    Weeks 1-10 Test200 @ 200mg per week
    Weeks 1-10 Deca or Eq
    Weeks 1-4 D-Bol
    How much Nolvadex and Clomid will I need. This is the problem because around here it's more expensive then the rest of the juice. Also how much Deca or Eq? I plan on 30mg of D-Bol per day.
    All opinions will be appreaciated. If anyone has any other suggestions I am willing to listen. I have the test and d-bol but haven't bought the Deca or Eq or the Clomid or nolvadex. Please Critique!

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    Your going to want enough clomid to run 100mg for 0ne week and 50 mg for 2 weeks. So it depends on how many mg's your tabs are that you can get. You should have a good suply of nolva on hand, say 30 tabs (20mg) or so. Up the test to 400mg/week b/c T200 is underdosed and IMO with 200mg a week you could be running anywhere from 130mg-170mg/week, (thats from a couple tests I have seen on the stuff but I think its closer to 170mg.) meaning you would be useing enough to slow your natural production but not enough for gains. Get EQ and use 400mg/week and the dbol looks fine there but you could run it another week or 2...

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