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    Temp. to keep Omna/Nolv/Clom...

    Hi ya'll

    What is an okay temperature that I can keep my Omna, Clomid and Nolva at? If I decide to hide it in my room, then the temperature will be about 20C to 30C. Is that okay? Or will the Omna/Clom/Nolv get ruined somehow???


    I'm planning on KEEPING the Omnadren and Clo/Nol FOR TWO MONTHS before I actually do the cycle. IS THIS OKAY???

    They will not expire in two months will they???

    One more thing, what will happen if you do inject expired steroids ? Will it kill you???


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    Anything in pill form should be good pretty much forever at room temp.

    And as for the omna's- 2 months should be no problem. the various esters of testosterone in omna aren't really very big or complex compounds (compared to shit like enzymes) and should be nice and stable at room temp for long peiods of time.

    And expired gear- worst case is some of the test has decomposed and the juice is just less effective.

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    good question bro,i am planning on holding on to some sustenon and deca for 2 months in my room where tempertures sometimes reach 95 degrees,not to sure about the celcius of that

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