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Thread: Week 8 Update

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    Week 8 Update

    Sup All!
    Just thought that I would post a Week 8 update. For those who dont know, I am on T200/400mg, DECA /300mg week stack. I am 24, soon to be 25 (7/7), I started the cycle weighing 192, currently weigh in at 207. I haven't noticed much bloat at all. My body seems to be responding much better than I ever could have expected. I have noticed dramatic strength increases in every facet of my workout..which keeps a smile on my face. My self esteem has grown--people tend to compliment me more often, which also makes me feel better about what I am doing. --even get the occasional, what are you on? steriods ? gotta shake them haters off!!! For those who have been watching my updates, my lack of chest strenght/development was a big factor in considering AS. Well it seems to be paying off, my chest is fuller and stronger. I am putting up more weight than I ever imagined. The fuller muscles really help me focus and contract on each rep. Overall, I havent noticed too many side effects (knock on wood!) My arms/shoulders have broke out with acne, and it seems easier for me to grab a handful of hair when I shower (nothing too major). I must admit that I underestimated the difficulty of planning and executing the proper diet. I have struggled from week 1 trying to get my caloric intake up. It has increased, but not to the point that I am satisfied--which will/has had an effect on my gains. But it does allow me to have something to work on in the future. The bi-weekly injections have gotten easier to preform, but I must say that the past couple shots have left me extremely sore for a couple of days I would really like to thank this board and its members for the knowledge and encouragement throughout this process. I can always come here to get some questions answered or to get a quick pick me up!--which really means a lot to some people! I would also like to say to anyone considering AS, resist the temptation of starting prematurely, take your time, plan your cycle carefully. Make sure you are ready mentally and physically for this type of challenge, it will make this experience a MUCH better one. Dont look back and say "I wish" or "what if" Thanks again bros!
    --look for "before and after" pics soon after week 10

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    Good job bro. Keep it up and keep us posted.

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    I'm glad you're happy with all your gains. Keep up on the eating and you know we're all here for you.

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