Ok, a buddy of mine picked up a vial of this and asked me to look it up for him to see what it was because hes never herd of it. In addition to that when i saw the vial right away something didnt look right to me, it was a clear vial with a top that screwed on that had a place that you could stick a needle in. There was a white label that had black writing on it that said this

Trenbolone Acetate
100mg/ml 20ml 2000mg
Lot b2086030 Exp 03/03
Serial 599636

Evreything about this, not being sealed, a label that looked like a white sticked that was just slaped on the bottle just made it look like it could possibly be fake.
Is this stuff real or fake? I can probably get a pic of it up in a couple days.
My friend swears that this guy would not screw him over with fack gear, i was wondering if this could be some home made stuff frm the pellets that the guy is sell, is that a possiblity?