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Thread: primo question

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    primo question

    what kinds of gains can i expect to see if i follow the primo cycle in the cycles for novice section? Its a 10week cycle that goes 200mg 1-2, 300 mg 3-4, 400mg 5-6, 300mg 7-8. 200mg 9-10. It does not consist of anything else besides primo depot. I'm 6'0 185lbs by the way. Oh one more much would that run me money wise? i see its roughly 15 per amp so for every 100mg is that one amp?? sorry if these questions sound stupid but i'm about to try my first cycle and I don't want to mess anything up.

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    Sorry to Tell ya this Ball Player... But I dont think ya will get many replies for a couple of reasons Bro...

    1) Your 6"0 and only weighing 185lbs?? which is pretty small mate... Meaning either you havent been training very long at all, or your Diet/Training and Rest is not up to scratch man...

    2) Unfortunatly no one can tell you how many lbs you can expect to put on from the cycle because everyone is different mate, and it all depends on whether your diet is in check, your sleeping like you've never slept before.. and your training to full intensity .. (which I think mustn't be all up to standard mate if your still weighing 185)..

    3) With Price also mate, it will depend on where you are located, and just on your individual 'supplier'.. so no one can give you a accurate prediction on that either mate.. (unless some of the Pro's here wanna have a go and guessing?)

    Can I ask your Age btw mate??

    I think the best thing to do mate would be to hang around the boards for a while to come, research more etcm so you know your stuff about the amps etc, and in the process try and put on some more lbs natually mate, I am now currently weighing 220, same height as you mate, and still not considering my first cycle untill about 3 or 4 months time.. (when I am hopefully closer to 230 with some luck)

    So Just give it time man, fix up your diet and training etc if you have problems there, and let things happen naturally for a while before starting the AS mate..

    Good Luck Bro..


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    Bro no test? 1st cycle especially with your small stats you gotta throw in test, im telling you some might disagree but for me my fav. test is sustanon . throw in 500mg sust with 400mg a week of primo and you'll be happy.

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