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    How long after clomid therapy?

    How long after clomid therapy should I wait before I start my cutting cycle? I plan on taking winstrol 50 mg a day for three to four weeks. What should I take along with it?

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    IMO.....bro time on = time off....if your last cycle was a total of 16 weeks (including clomid) then take at LEAST 16 weeks off. You want your receptors to be fresh for the next cycle.

    As for the cutting cycle.....if you want to run a short 6 week cycle then IMO this would be a good one:

    Weeks 1-6 Prop 100mg/EOD or 50mg/ED
    Weeks 1-6 Fina 75mg/ED
    Weeks 3-6 Winny 50mg/ED

    Start your clomid 3 days after your last Fina injection.

    Hope this helps you some!

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