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    Minimizing muscle loss when cutting?

    During the next four weeks I'll be trying to shred some fat. I'd like to keep as much gains as possible. What are your advices with respect to cardio, calories etc. ???


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    30-45 min cardio 5-7 days a for diet high protien low carbs and calories i do between 1800 and 2500 or sometimes less depends on how my body is reactin at the time...

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    Well, 4 weeks isn't a whole lot of time, especially if your trying to preserve muscle. This question can't really be answered without some more info. Height, weight, bf%, what's your current w/o and diet look like? How much cardio have you been doing. Once we know this then we have a starting place. Remember, be as educated as possible before about yourself and your own body before attempting to change it. You will always have better results this way!

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