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    test and high blood pressure

    test and other androgens are known to cause high blood pressure. one resone is because of water retension.
    so an anti-e such as arimidex will take care of that. now what about drugs like tren and halo which do not cause water retension, but yet cause high blood pressure? what makes androgens cause high blood pressure besides water retension?

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    here's an educated guess. some steroids increase red blood cells, maybe that increases pressure?

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    I don't think AS related water retention is the reason for high BP (it may contribute, but its not the main cause). I believe it is as Iron Horse has posted--the increase in the red blood cells is the main cause of increased BP.

    Think about it this VERY simplified way:
    You have a 1-unit wide blood vein, which is usually filled by 100 red blood cells. What's going to happen when AS increases the red blood cell count to 125? The vein is too small for 125 red blood cells, so more pressure is applied to the walls of the vein to accomidate the increased number of red blood cells flowing through the vein (i.e. the blood pressure goes up).

    What happens when you increase the number of air molecules in a balloon?--Pressure is applied to the walls of the balloon.

    I hope that helps.
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    Good ol Bloody noses relives the pressure

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