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Thread: Help Please!!!

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    Help Please!!!

    Heres the deal......I have done 3 cycles and my last cycle was
    Test E wk 1-16 500mg
    Tren A wk 2-9 50mg ED

    Heres the problem my source didnt send me my clomid and nolvadex that I was going to use for pct. So i could only use what was on hand which was 10 50mg of clomid and 20 10mg of nolva. I started those 14 days after my cycle ended. I havent been able to get any more since then and its been about 2 months since that and I have been breaking out very bad on my chest and back. I also got gyno during about week 15 just behind my nipple, I took letro for it after reading c_bino thread on gyno. I went through the whole 50ml bottle and it is pretty much gone, but within the past 2 weeks a small hard pea sized spot has formed on the outside of my pec.....???? about 3 inches up and all the way to the outside of my pec...I jsut got bloodwork done but I am still waiting for the results. What do I do about the gyno and the acne?

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    next time you're shorted on some shit like that, just order it from ARR

    i would keep using the letro as it takes a while to build up in your system

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    I was just about to say, you can order your clomid and nolvadex online through ARR. Anyways as of right now, I would wait for the blood work then consult your doctor honestly. See what he/she says to do.

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    yeah thats me in avvy
    How are you feeling??Bro Let me suggest that next time dont start the cycle unless you have everything at your possesion.

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    When im planning a cycle,the first thing i do is my pct based on my cycle.
    ...BTW is the first thing that i get/order,then i order my gear...! .....yes i always used 2 diferent sources,one for test,other for pct.

    LPR ...dermatology.

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