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    Finishing touches on first cycle! HELP

    i'm in the process of getting the gear i need, i'll just get that out of the way
    -6'2 240 lbs 15% bodyfat (just lost 20 lbs, college made me fat)

    Winny V - DRINKING IT
    - 50 mg/day (1/2 cc 2xdaily)
    Prop - This is a glaring problem, i'm trying hard to find Prop suppositories
    if i find them i'm going to take 80mg (1 day on , 2 days off)

    If i cannot find the prop in suppository form, how much should in inject?
    I'm not a fan of needles

    i'm going to come off on clomid
    and i was wondering....i have about 2/3 a cycle left of clen , would it be ok to take this as well? or is this too much for my poor little liver to handle.

    if it isn't too much how would i cycle that into my recipe for "Meaty Me"

    Thanks a ton

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    First, what are your goals on this cycle. bulking, cutting, wanna just keep up the fat loss while putting on some quality muscle?

    Let us know your goals and we can help you out.

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    my goals are to keep losing fat while gaining good quality muscle

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    why 1 day on 2 days off? thats not enough, also everyone wants to lose fat and gain muscle time to wake up and smell the roses, cos fact is u cant do both at the same time. I would make a decision based on bf% no and how u feel then do one or the other then change after, if you are to fat then I think if u bulk half way through u will feel uncomfortable and want to change that will affect ur diet and so on. I would unless I was really lean cut first just my experience


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