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    tren 200 e depot vs tren ace 75

    recently bought a heap of tren 200 assuming being 200 must be stronger than the 75 and paid quite a bit more ,anyone used both and have definitive answer on the pros and cons of both or which one they prefer.both products from the dragon.

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    there is alot of threads on that out there try search

    But I think that at least from my dealer tren200 is cheaper, but you get a little more active tren pr mg, but not compareble to the price I get. The people here always talk about potential sides and you quicker can get of ace than enathate... but ´there should also be the concern of the ace quick release spicking your blood levels initially and therefore producing sides, where as the enanthate , will gradually build up over time to a more stable level. Yeah are then "bang for the buck" cry is far overrated I think its max 20% more weight due to the longer ester, so you will get 20% active hormon out of E compared to A, and at my dealer it´s 60-70% more expensive. (not worth the extra penny IMO)

    Lastly Ive never tried these, and I´m pretty new to the world of anabolics. Im currently planning on doing tribolan and have therefore been reading all I can on this matter to decide what kinda trenbolan ester to go for and what doses, length of cycle pct etc etc.

    So I´m just a parrot with a brain of my own sorta, my background is major in molecular biology.

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    why you take tren enth 200 and ace 75 if you dont know what is the difference you should take tri tren lol ( 50mg each enth,ace,hex ) just joking bro
    imo its just like with test tren E you can compare to test e and tren ace you can compare to test prop its just about half life time ...

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    Tren -a and tren-e have two diffrent esters. Tren-a mg for mg is a little stronger due to the short ester. But tren-e makes for easy injections and stable blood levels. I how had good gains with both of them. If it's your first time running tren you should go with Tren-a. So if you get and hars sides you can drop it out of the cycle.

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