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    One more week of test-E?

    I will be staring a cycle soon,
    weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg
    weeks 1-10 test-enanthate 500mg
    weeks 10-13 test-prop 100mg ED
    I know to start clomid 3 weeks after EQ and 2 weeks after test- enanthate So I guess my question is should I run the test-enanthate to week 11 and start clomid week 13 one day after last prop.
    Thanks HiloJack

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    nope- stop the enth like you've got-you've got the prop taking the place of the enth starting in week 10. test is test.
    but do the clomid 3 days after the last prop injection.

    Otherwise your cycle looks well planned out as it is.

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