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    will adding 5wks Tren/Tbol to my 16wk Primo/Var cycle slow recovery?

    I have always wanted to experiment with a Primo/Var cycle. So my proposed cycle looks like this...

    Wks 1-16 : Primo 1.4g/wk
    Wks 1-16 : Var 100mg/day

    My question is, how much harder would I be shutdown if I added something like this into the mix...

    Wks 1-5 : Tren 60mg/day
    Wks 1-5 : Tbol 50mg/day

    Obviously tren shuts you down pretty hard... but would I bounce back any over the following 11wks. From what I understand the reason people keep so much of their gains when taking primo/var, is because of the minor HPTA suppression - and the fast recovery post cycle. Would adding tren negate this at all? And if yes, how much?

    Goals for the cycle are lean mass. Obviously the tren/tbol would be used for as much mass as possible in the first 5wks, then I would be cutting whilst trying to add a little muscle.

    Please don't lecture me on 1. adding testosterone - this is how I am running the cycle and I don't need to hear it. Or 2. abusing orals - the damaging effects of orals are highly overrated, IMO. Let's just stick to the topic.


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    First thing Var at that dose for 16 weeks will be Dangerous for your cholesterol levels,but can be done.When you introduce tren you will be shut down,simple as that,until you enter PCT.Breaks your idea here.

    I would advise,using var as a kick-start for the first 6 weeks until the primo kicks in and finsh hard with Tbol the last 6 weeks.I would include masteron in the end of the cycle too.This results in a dramatically improved hardness and sharpness of the muscles. Masteron is especially effective in combination with primo, no enormous strength and weight gains can be obtained, only high-quality and long-lasting results.

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    Hey Goose, thanks for the no bullsh*t response.

    I like your idea, maybe I will give it a go.


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    of course it will slow recovery, w/ the addition of more and more compounds

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