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Thread: Goin Again!!

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    Goin Again!!

    Hey guys just a few questions. Just got done with my first cycle of QV Deca . Went light, only got up to about 450mg for 2 weeks and then tapered back down. They are 300mg per 1cc though. Just wondered if you guys had any advice for a 2nd. The second will be my last so I want it to be gradual but productive. Im thinking of using QV again but it is a little costly for me, but I did have good gains and no sides. So any help would be much appreciated

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    How long did you run the Deca ? Try a Test/EQ/Winny cycle next... You can't go wrong with it!

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    First, give us some stats. What is your weight and BF%, lifting experience, stuff like that. Also tell us what your goals are.

    Also I would like to know exactly what your first cycle was. Weeks, dosages, ancillaries, etc.

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    I would do some eq instead of deca . I seem to get more bloated with deca. You will get alot harder and vascular with eq.

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