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    your help on ECA

    was thinking to decreasse my ECA stack to 60mgE/200mgC/350mgA (actually I do take this dose 2 times/day) but I feel worse each time I take this dose.
    I was thinking to maybe definitly replace the stack ECA by xenadrine...what do you think about it ?

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    Well, first off there should be little need for that much asperin. 81mg's a day should be enough, or if you must then 81mg's 3x a day. They are sold as "baby asperin". 60mg's of Ephedrine is ALOT by my standards and I'm an addict:-). I take Xenadrine after trying just Vivarin/ephedra/81mg's A and found the Xenadrine to work MUCH better, worth the $$$ to me. Xenadrine and most true ECA stacks have 20-25mg'sE/200mg'sC/81-200mg'sA in them.

    I suspect your taking WAY to much ephedrine at once. I have built quite a tolerance and take 8-10 caps of Xeni a day (2 caps is 1 dose). I don't even get energy from it any more!


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    By feeling worse, do you mean all jittery or sick to your stomac?

    (hehe god i cant spell)

    The caffine really turns my gut so i replaced it with Xenadrine or dymetrine extreme from ast labs(cant find the exact spelling).

    For some reason if i hit a real eca stack then workout i am going to puke, plain and simple and I HATE THAT!

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