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    has anyone used primobolin depot


    I was offered primobolin. In the past year I took 2 bottles of Test depot. Since my time off has expired i am considering something better in keeping my gains with minimal side effects. So is primo good for someone who is 26, 160lbs 6% body fat?

    things id like to know

    what was your level of side effects?

    did you keep most if not all of your gains?

    would you prefer something else?

    any other comments are welcomed so that i may make a decision on this type of gear.

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    Its many peoples favorite steroid . Its great for bridgeing but it is pretty weak. You keep your gains (in total with primo in my experience) and there are no (or VERY little sides) other then hair loss in higher doses or if you are prone to it.

    I would much rather use a good bulking cycle at your weights and BF but it all depends on goals. If your just looking for a max of 10lbs (more like 5-8 IMO) then its a good start. Its expensive and I would rather do a good dose of test.

    BTW if you test is expired its still good, just not as strong.

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    I'd use a bulking combo of steroids , maybe buy the primo for when you want to cut down a bit

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    Primobolan depot in my book is the number one steroid when you look at the end results!!Meaning personally test is my favorite but you will hold a little water with it and you could get acnre and your htpa will be shut down considerbally.Now primo is great for gaining solid lean muscle "you eon't gain 30lbs"But you also won't hold any water hence when you gain 25lbs on test/d-bol 10-15lbs is water so in essense its bullshit weight "at least i think)with primo you could gain a good 10-15lbs of muscle that you can keep!!!And primo has minimal sides so you won't need anti e's but to doprimo right i would run it at least 8-10 weeks at 400-500mg/week and at that dose you will need clomid which you should start 10-14 day's after last injection

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    alevok Guest
    I used primo for bulking, I was happy, I'm using it for cutting now, I'm happier.

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