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    D-bol or methytest?

    just got a bottle of "D-Bol" from this company named Akzo Nobel Pharma SP and it's product called Vitastan-D... brown bottle... white label w/ blue and black writing.... dosage of 10 mg per pill.... pills are white and smooth with like quarter thickness edge to them... they taste like chalk....

    I heard that if it's white and tastes like chalk, it's most likely methyltest.... that true?

    because right now I'm fuming.

    somebody please help me out here.

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    try it and see.

    If it has a citrus flavor when placed subligually, you got methyl test. Methyl test is the worst roid ever. It sucks ass. You get better gains from dog shit. At least dog shit won't kill your liver as quickly, too.


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