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    Anyone here ever use meridia...

    I am thinking of adding this to my current bridge to try and cut some more weight....I've also been using clen , NYC, t3...Thinking of using the meridia to stop my appetite.

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    i used phentermine bro it killed my apetite and for about 2 weeks but many sides eventually stopped working I dont tthink these types of drugs are what u want pretty shitty really all of them

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    bro i use to live i las vegas and let me tell you about meridia. you could actually order this shit out of the paper along,with a bunch of other drugs, but thats another story. i used to model and the other models told me about this shit. we actually crushed those little pills up and sniffed em. fucked up huh? well anyway this shit was speed plain and simple. we would stay up for days on this shit. in two weeks i had lost 15lbs! and looked like shit. i was down to 165 (213 right now) and i looked bad. moral to this is be careful cause the shit is dangerous, fun, but dangerous.

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