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    Cool this sound right?

    first off I want you to know i did my research on this and wanted to know what you think I am 37 workout 5/9 155 small frame want to bulk up not a hugh body builder just fit I don't take steroids and I only drink protein shakes I lost the weight sence working out but feel its to much and now I feel to skinny i tried alot of things but still no weight gain or bigger muscles . I have a pro ready to give me some stuff and he said I would do better if I where to take a combo of sustanon 250 week dianobol 2x2 aday and deca 100 mg week... is that to much for me what do you think .....thanks guys

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    Well for you size I think that 250mg/week of test is reasonable, but personally I would bump the dbol to 6 tabs per day (3 x 2 tabs = 30mg) and the deca should be at least 400mg/week. These three drugs in combo will give you a very nice size and strength increase but it is imparative that your diet and training are spot on as well. Note* you are also going to need clomid for post cycle and nolvadex (or arimidex ) to combat aromitization...although at 250mg/week the odds of gyno are slim it's better to have nolva and need it than it is to need it and not have it.

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