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    Love Handles

    hey brotha's just wanna say thanks for all the motivation... im doing great, im lost a shit load of fat around my waist area, the only problem is getting rid of the love handles, they are a b*tch.... anyone have any thoughts???

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    You would be suprised at how much they are made up of water. I got down to 4% for my show and still had the damn things until I dried out. Unfortubately, they are back even at 6%. There is no doubt that if your are 15% plus you need to lose some fat in that area but expect that even lean you may store water there. If they are firm it is fat if they are "squishy" it is water.

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    good reply, I can be hard as a rock all over but have some little love handles I can never seem to get rid of. I have noticed when I wake up i n the morning (dehydrated a little) they are smaller. Darn genetics.

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    Ok bros, i' ve the same problem, my fat around the belly button and in the love handle is not hard and solid, but elastic, thin and plenty of water, is there a solution to avoid this thing?

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