Im a 25 year old non-competitive powerlifter who wants to lift large weights. Im currently totalling about 1550 at 182 bodyweight and have never tried gear before. Was thinking of trying Test Enanthate in conjunction with Dbol . I initially was gonna try sustanon but have read some of the threads that dont really give it a good wrap.

Main goals are strength gain primarily. Size is just a bonus. Im hoping to hit a 700+ deadlift in a few months. Im doin 650 natural. Benching 350 and want to get 390 for a single, and squatting 520 and want about 570-580. Probably ambitious goals but i think the dead is realistic.

Can anyone give me ideas on how to structure a cycle for a first time user in order to gain as much strength as possible. I also am aware of the need for anti-e, etc, but am in the process of doing some more research. Ive read about using dbol for first few weeks, then test in middle, then dbol again at the end due to shorter half life? Gyno is my main concern as far as side effects go.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks guys.