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    Equipoise injection

    Hello everyone, I am new to AR and have a quick question to ask. I am going to do a cycle of Sust. and Equipoise . I plan on injecting 250mg of Sust. and 200mg of EQ every Mon. and Thrus. My question, and I know it has been asked before, is should I split up the EQ on Mon. and Thrus. with the Sust. or take the EQ once a week(400mg). I researched on the injection frequencies on EQ and have researched on this message board and got mixed emotions. It seems that most agree on splitting it up 2 times a weeks but some say You don't need to because it lasts in the body for weeks. A friend of mine told me that I could shot it once a week because it was a 200mg bottle instead of 50mg. I just want to make the best of my cycle. To me it would make sense to mix the two together and inject in on Mon. and Thrus. but I just want to make sure. Thank you for any help at all.

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    Split them if for no other reason than to reduce the pain from the Sust. I'd hit the Glutes and Quads. Consider yourself lucky as I have 50mg/ml EQ and am doing 600mg's a week along with Cyp and Prop. Lots of injections.

    Some people bitch about the Sust pain, I got a "little" sore but nothing major. I'd still split the injections for shits and grins for that reason alone. Also, you certainly want to do 2x weekly Sust injections at the minimum to try to keep the blood levels constant as Sust has short and fast acting tests in it.


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    yea bro mix it half and half and shoot it twicw a week ,this way u keep a steady constant blood concentration .

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