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    ok, here's the deal!!!!

    This is the deal fellas, i need some help. I'm 6'0, 185 lbs and im looking to get the best results with what i have. After finally coming to my senses about being a novice steroid user, i need some expert advice. I have in my posession a bottle of Deca 300, 35 d-bol tabs 25/mg per tab and 14 50mg winny tabs, with the clomid of course. Ok so with WHAT I GOT, could someone tell me the best cycle i could put together here, i plan on starting next week. Thanks-

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    is it a 2ml, bottle or a 2 gal.bottle,need to no that first. i don't think you have enough gear bro!!!!!!!!

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    I would save the gear till i could get some more. You got a 10ml vial right?? Get another one, and try to add some test if you can.. JMO I'm a friggin pack rat when it comes to gear. I'm getting ready to start my next cycle, and I've been gathering gear since the beginning of my last cycle..

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    YOU DEFINATELY NEED SOME MORE GEAR. If you have a 10ml or a 20 ml of deca then you have enough to last you for about 8 or 10 weeks if you do 300mg a week of deca. Dbol and Winny if you want to add that into your cycle, then you will need more. Dbol is recommended at 50mg-75mg for 4 weeks, usually week 1-4 when you stack it with a substance like deca. Now if you want to add winny into this cycle, I probally would not recommend it. REasons:
    #1. Dbol and winny are both 17AA's. Hince if you do dbol and winny you are risking damaging your liver.
    #2. winny should not be needed for a cycle such as this if you are planning on using deca and dbol. The deca should not make you bloat as much therefore winny should n't be needed.
    I would, as someone else mentioned, throw in some test... reasons for that is:
    #1. to prevent deca dick
    #2. to increase your gains and strength
    Get more gear before you begin to start your cycle, another good rule of thumb is to get enough AS to complete your entire cycle in hand before starting it. I have been sitting on some t 200 and dbol for 6 months waiting to get all the anti esters and other gear in. I am soo damn ready to start my cycle, BUT, I won't risk not having enough gear or to get myself in a bind while I am in the middle of my cycle. If you are a newbie which you sound like, you never know how your body may react.
    I will give you an example, a few years ago, I did some dbol/deca, I started getting gyno from it, and I didn't have anything to counter act the gyno, therefore, I had to stop my cycle due to it. Since I joined this board, I did sustanon for the first time, thinking I had plenty of anti esters, my body decided it wanted to get a bad case of gyno symptoms, so in the middle of my cycle I ran out of anti esters. The point I am trying to make is, I thought I had plenty of anti esters but it was my first time taking sustanon and I got gyno worse than dbol/deca cycle, my body reacted differently than what I thought it would, and had to get some anti esters right smack in the middle of my sustanon cycle.
    Sorry about the long discussion. Get more gear and plan out your cycle, be patient and research before you get started my friend.
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    you could do 300 mg deca wk for 10 wks
    1.5 tab of dbol till gone
    50 mg winny for 2 wks after deca
    clomid 1 wk out of the cycle
    it would be better if you added test 400 wk and run it with the deca

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    Originally posted by Sicilian30
    . Dbol is recommended at 50mg-75mg for 4 weeks, usually week 1-4 when you stack it with a substance like deca. .
    Bro,I don't think he wants to hit the dbols that heavy. 50-75 seems high for a novice user. i would think 25-35mg would be more than suffecient.

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